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Tony -"Genie and I meet each other somewhere out there in the universe, we looked in each others eyes and it was right back. We hadn't skipped a beat, we hadn't missed not a second of it. There's more continuity to that than most anything in my life. The Luke and Laura relationship is as real to me as any I've ever had"Access Hollywood-6/15/07 Operation: Genie's Angels: It began in response to the very public statements that both Tony and Genie made Emmy night regarding her desire to return and his desire to have her back. "And Anthony Geary (Luke) has flat had enough. 'In my opinion, (her return) is way overdue,' said Geary, while checking out the freebies at the On 3 Productions gifting lounge during a Thursday rehearsal at the Kodak Theatre. He had just seen Francis for the first time since she'd left the show again late last year. He made it clear he wants his leading lady back." - (USA Today) The angel theme was a brilliant idea as Laura is generally regarded as Luke's Angel. It has significance in the Luke and Laura story with Laura sentimental about the angel on her Christmas tree, Luke's reference to her as his Angel. The idea is to send anything "Angel" to either Anne Sweeney or Brian Frons to start, with a caption reading "Genie is OUR Angel too", "Bring Luke's Angel home", or something along those lines. After the initial onslaught, we will continue the angel sending to anyone we think has an ear who will listen! We've pretty much come to the conclusion that long letters don't seem to be doing anything. We wanted to find something that everyone could participate in without having to worry about cost. Paper angels, cutout angels, angel postcards, key chains, pendants, pins, christmas decorations, anything with an Angel theme would work. Our goal is to flood the offices of the network people, sponsors too if you have access to addresses. If you know of another site that has Genie fans on it, please either let me know so I can post this or post about it yourself. There is strength in numbers!! If you plan to mail more than one, try to mail it from different post boxes so that they aren't all post marked the same. Also, if you're mailing in an envelope that has to be opened it might help to put something on the outside of the envelope, just in case it's not opened. One of the captions, angel stickers etc. Please, please remember no negative remarks! Always show respect, class and dignity, as anything we do as Genie's fans reflects back upon her. We don't want anything negative to come out of this. Only positive things for Genie!! Operation: Genie's Angels commence!! She won her Emmy, she has won the battle, but she still has a war to fight and we want to help her as much as we can!!! Help us bring Genie Francis back home where she belongs!! We want our Angel back! Luke and Laura will never be over..and he did fall deeply, madly in love with Laura all over again back in November..his heart just couldn't deny him any longer.."I belong to you, as long as I can breathe" Oh yes, his soul is her soul, his heart is her heart, they beat as one as they have since the beginning of Luke and Laura time and will continue to do so long after they are but a whisper in their great grandchildren's ear..

One thing Geary and Francis will not be denied: allowing their characters to one day head off into the sunset together.