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Operation: Genie's Angels Photo Album
Operation: Genie's Angels Photo Album
Photos courtesy of online searches, CBS, ABC. None of the photos posted belong to me, nor do I take credit for them.
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I Belive, she will come home to us!!!! :x:x
You all have done a great job, fixing this up for our Angel, & it all started with a trend, we fought to keep alive.
Tryed to reply on S/N but wouldn't let me sign in.
Aletha | | July 16, 2007

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Ms. Francis 3 weeks prior to the Emmys at her store in Maine. She was on her way out but took the time to talk to me and have her picture taken with me. She had no make-up on and was dressed very casually but there was not an ounce of "diva" in her. She is a role model that Britney, Lindsay etc. should only hope to aspire to be. She is one classy lady.
Carolyn Twomey | | July 19, 2007

She is Simple The Best Actress I Seen her in everything she
has been in I Love Genie Francis. No one can fill her shoes
When her and Luke are together they are awesome there Love i
s what everyone whats in life. THanks for this Site its out
Standing Genie Francis Rules.
Sandi | | November 12, 2007